2012 – Ninth and Final Shoot Out Boulder


The 9th annual The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival Boulder kicked off October 19 at 6:15 PM with 19 teams competing and ending 24 hours later with 17 teams returning. More 17 & under teams competing then before and are now eligible for all categorical prizes.

The Shoot Out 2012 kick’s off for the last time on Pearl Street

Top 10 Films – The Shoot Out Boulder 2012 Winners & Honorable Mentions in show order:

Best Linear Editing – Team #15 “ZOLO”

Best Screenplay – Team #24 “The Phone-y Bad Boy”

Best Art Direction – Team # “The Color Kite Fantastic”

Best Comedy & Best Director – Team #31 “Ditchin'”

Best Sound Design & Best Cinematography – Team #26 “Autumn”

Best Original Score – Team #25 “Son of a Mitch”

Best Performance & Best Film – Team #36 “Appearances”

Honorable Mention – Team #45 “Inhuman”

Honorable Mention – Team #27 “Good Amid These”

Silver Spur – Team #49 “The Voter”

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Since 2004, The Shoot Out Boulder asks filmmakers to trust their courage, imagination, and determination by making a 7-minute film in just 24 hours.
As it turns 9, film event looks to youth for its growth – Boulder Daily 
Boulder s Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival believes digital format will draw  day to make a digital movie at The Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival.
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