2007 – Fourth Annual

The 4rd annual 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival kicked off Oct. 12th, 2007 at 9:08 PM in front of the Boulder County Court House. Thirty five teams entered the event, and 35 teams* make it back when the doors closed at 9:08 PM, Saturday! Eleven of the teams competing this year were 17 & under! Read what the filmmakers got at the start of the event: The Brief 2007

*This is the first time in The Shoot Out Boulder history that ALL teams made it back on time.

Top 10 Films – The Shoot Out Boulder 2007 -Best FilmBest Cinematography, Best SoundAudience Choice Award
Aria Next Door
Produced, Directed, Camera by Brad Stabio.  Art by Jordan Leigh. Screenplay by Kirk Anderson. Sound by Joe Movick.  Acting by Jordan Leigh, Meghan McMahon, Kirk Anderson.

Best ComedyBest ScreenplayBest Actor (Shared) Drew Foster, Rebecca Siegel
Fantasies, Phobias and Trying A Little Too Hard
Produced, Directed, Camera, Art, Screenplay, Sound and Music by Dakin Henderson. Acting by Drew Foster, Rebecca Siegel.

Best Art
The Tomato
Produced by Mimi Mather. Directed by Ian Scott.

Best Director, Best Music
Foot Soldier
Produced by Jennie Coffey. Directed, Camera by Ken Wajda.  Art by Keats Carleton. Screenplay by Jennie Coffey, Ken Wajda, Elizabeth Williams, Jason Williams, Keats Carleton. Acting by Elizabeth Williams and Jason Williams.  Music by Jason Williams.

Best 17 & Under
Murphy’s Law
Produced, Directed, Camera, Art, Screenplay, Sound, Music, Acting by Oren Currier and Walker Lyon.

Honorable Mentions: 17 & Under

!No Mas Dulce!
Produced by Curt McDermott. Directed by Rae Toledo, Camera by Marcos Trigueros, Script by Marcos Trigueros, Zujey Gordillo, Enrique Moctezuma, Diana Bonilla, Rae Toledo, Curt McDermott. Acting by Marcos Trigueros, Zujey Gordillo, Enrique Moctezuma, Diana Bonilla, Rae Toledo, Curt McDermott.

Produced, Directed and Camera by Max Gould-Meisel. Script by David Levine. Music by Zachary Dripps.

Top 10 Runner Ups

I Do
Produced by Jim Carr, Acting by Cooper Thomas, Keith Robinson.

Produced, Directed, Camera , Art, Screenplay, Sound by C. Troy Fluhr.  Music by David Coile. Acting by Jeff Arbaugh, Tara Beiter-Fluhr and Tabia Boggs.

Le Balloon Orange
Produced, Directed, Camera, Art, Screenplay, Sound, Music, Acting by Eliza Thomas and Cathy Guruis.

Signs of the Times
Produced, Directed, Camera, Screenplay by Mark Copley.  Art by Mary Malley. Music by Chris Malley.  Acting by Nathalie Nys and Eric Mayer.

My Girlfriend is a Mime
Produced by Matt Barats. Acting by Richie Alfson, Matt Barats, and Samantha Scott.

Within Reach
Produced, Directed, Camera, Screenplay by Tyler Jones. Art, Sound by Tony Powell. Acting by Tony Powell.

Filmmakers take on 24-hour date The Daily Camera (10/14/2007) PDF

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Voted Best Film Festival 2007 in Westword.

Read about Fast Films at New Vista High School Workshop for 17 & Unders in The Daily Camera (10/07/2007). PDF

Listen to the radio interviews on KBCO [MySpace Link]

BOULDER, CO — The 24-hour fast film competition known as The Shoot Out Boulder, has announced a call for team entries. The Shoot Out Boulder, which takes place Oct. 12 to 13, is now in its fourth year. It is the first annual 24 hour competition of its kind in the United States, and was voted the Best Film Festival 2007 by Westword.

The Shoot Out Boulder challenges filmmakers of all experience levels to trust their courage, imagination and determination to make a seven-minute-long film in just 24 hours. Conti expects The Shoot Out Boulder once again draw more then 400 competitors. “Fast filmmaking is an entirely new category of filmmaking, and is not just limited to professionals, but open to everyone, from families to college students to middle schoolers,” says Michael Conti, executive director of The Shoot Out Boulder. “It is an
experience far beyond just watching a reality show like On the Lot (the new Fox reality filmmaking show, where filmmaker contestants produce short films to compete for a $1 Million development deal.),” he says. “This event is the real thing, in your own backyard, you can actually participate yourself, and walk home with one thousand dollars.”

Entry fees vary, from $50.00 for 17 and under, to $100.00 for 18 and over. Each additional team member is $20.00 (two-thirds of the team must be 17 and under to qualify), and if over 18, then additional team member is $25.00. There is a special discount rate for families. Included in the entry fee is a ticket to the awards ceremony at the Boulder Theater which occurs on Sunday, October 14 at 6 PM.  On the following Saturday, all the films are screened at the Boulder Public Library in the ultimate fast film festival in which each filmmaker gets 10 minutes to screen their efforts and respond to any audience questions. Visit online at https://www.theshootoutboulder.com for more details.

Payments must be mailed by Wednesday, October 10, or paid online by midnight Thursday, October 11. After that time entry forms and payment must be delivered in person on Friday, October 12 between 6:00 and 8:30 pm at the sign-in booth, located in front of the Boulder County Courthouse on the 1300 block of the Pearl Street Mall. On Sunday, Oct. 14, the top 10 films will be officially unveiled and premiered at the Boulder Theater. At the end of the evening, category prizes will be awarded to each winning team. Prizes vary.  In a separate category, actors will be competing for The Shooting Star award, which entails starring in as many short films as they can in 24 hours.  In its inaugural launch in 2004, over 200 teams made up of students, families and professionals have taken up the challenge.

About The Shoot Out Boulder
The Shoot Out Boulder’s mission is to break through artistic inertia and audience indifference by providing an exceptional creative venue for artistic expression through film.