2006 – Third Annual

The 3rd annual 24 Hour Filmmaking Festival kicked off Oct. 20th, 2006 at 9:13 PM at the corner of Pearl and Broadway inside a store front.

Close to fifty teams entered the event, and five teams didn’t make it back when the doors closed at 9:13 PM, Saturday!






Top 10 Films – The Shoot Out Boulder 2006 

Best 17 & Under
Selfless Self-indulgence 
Produced by Parker Cagle-Smith, Directed by Vinny Gagnepain and Parker Cagle-Smith, Camera by Parker Cagle-Smith, Art Direction by Aubrie Hendryx, Screenplay by Sean Cummings and Ethan Holbrook, Sound by Ethan Holbrook, Music by Sean Cummings, Starring Sean Cummings, Aubrie Hendryx, Vinny Gagnepain, Ethan Holbrook and Parker Cagle-Smith.

Best 17 & Under Winners from Fort Collins with Selfless Self-indulgence

Best Comedy
Newsline: Special Report on Dating and Relationships
Produced, Directed, Written and Shot by Richard Gann. Music by Ethan Martucci, Starring Ethan Martucci, Dan Curtiss.

Richard Gann accepts Best Comedy for Newsline: Special Report on Dating and Relationships as Katie Grant and Will Campbell look on.

Best Art
No Good Deed
Produced, Directed by Marianne Leviton. Camera by Steven Morris, Art by Chris Robinson, Script by Marianne Leviton, Sound and Music by Doug Leviton, Starring Aprylisa Snyder, Darius Ellis. Additional support from Prema Rose.

Chris Robinson finds that No Good Deed can win Best Art.

Best Music
Produced, Directed, Shot by Venus French. Written by Venus and Michael French. Starring Michael French and Rebecca Brown Adelman.

Venus French of OXO accepts the award for Best Music.

Best Sound
The Supers
Produced, Directed by C. Troy Fluhr. Sound and Music by C. Troy Fluhr. Starring Tara Beiter-Fluhr, Jeff Arbough, Sina Hirsch, Scott Webber. Camera by Brian Hirsch.

C. Troy Fluhr doesn’t hold back his feelings as he accepts his team’s award for Best Sound with The Supers. Troy has been in the Top 10 for the last three years.

Best Cinematography\In-Camera Editing
Will Cold Read for Food
Produced, Directed and Written by Patrick Sheridan. Art by Marylee Herrmann, Sound and Camera by Chris Newman. Starring Marylee Herrmann. Additional support by Mike Green.


Chris Newman accepts the award for Best Cinematography\In-Camera Editing for the Will Cold Read for Food.

Best Film
Best Actor
To Catch A Giggler
Produced by Glen Czaplewski, Directed by James Babb, Scott McElroy and Tanner Ringerud, Camera by Scott McElroy, James Babb and Tanner Ringerud. Art and script by James Babb and Tanner Ringerud. Music and Sound by Scott McElroy. Starring Sarkis Renjilian-Burgy, Lucien Renjilian-Burgy*and Scott McElroy.

Sarkis Renjilian-Burgy and Lucien Renjilian-Burgy accept a shared Best Actor award in To Catch A Giggler.

Best Director
Best Screenplay

The Six Cents
Produced, Directed, Written and Shot by Mark Copley. Art by Mary Malley. Sound by Mark Keisling, Music by Chris and Mary Malley. Starring Seth Bathje, Laura Bathje, Mark Keisling and Mark Copley.


Mark Copley’s The Six Cents takes home to Colorado Springs, Best Director and Best Screenplay.


To Catch A Giggler Team fills the stage as they accept the award of the BIG CHECK and cheers from the audience for their second year swept of The Shoot Out Boulder Best Film Prize.

Runner Ups

Produced, Directed, Written and Shot by Walker Lyon. Starring Walker Lyon, Will Tyler, Pavel Nolan, and Trevor Ranney.

Project Manmade
Produced, Directed and Written by Bryce Edmonds and Heather Shreckengost. Starring Scott Sherpe.

People’s Choice Award for Best 17 & Under
The Cone Theory
Produced by Angie Boysen, Written and Directed by Kara Kieffe. Sound and Camera by Lisi Kuester. Art and Music by Angie Boysen.

People Choice Award for Best 18 & Over
Law & Order: Extra Special Victims Unit
Produced by Steve Domahidy. Written and Directed by Steve Domahidy. Camera by Gary Otte, Sound by Todd Ullmann. Staring Eileen Barker, Ryan Parker, Bill LeVasseur, Susan Scott, Theresa Downs, Jono Waldman

Press Release

BOULDER, CO — The 24-hour filmmaking competition known as The Shoot Out™ Boulder, has announced a call for team entries. The Shoot Out Boulder, which takes place Oct. 20-23, is the only annual competition of its kind in the United States. The Shoot Out Boulder challenges filmmakers of all experience levels to trust their courage, imagination and determination to make a seven-minute-long film in just 24 hours.

Filmmakers, musicians and actors of all ages are invited to take part in The Shoot Out Boulder. Interested teams should visit https://www.theshootoutboulder.com/. Information and entry forms can be downloaded from the site. Entry forms must be received by 9 PM October 20 with an entry fee of $105 per team, $25 per each additional team member.

“The Shoot Out Boulder makes it possible for amateurs and professionals to achieve their goals and experience a level of success quickly. It also creates a unique setting for the community to see the filmmakers’ work and to share in the excitement of filmmaking first hand, said executive director, Michael Conti.

Conti expects The Shoot Out Boulder to draw 400 competitors. Early interest in the event has been extremely high. “Boulder is the ideal place to have an annual 24-hour filmmaking contest,” he said, “because of the city’s high percentage of students, artists, entrepreneurs and local companies eager to support such a unique event.”

On Sunday, Oct. 22th, the top 10 films will be officially unveiled and premiered at the Boulder Theater. At the end of the evening, category prizes will be awarded to each winning team. Prizes vary, but the winning team will be awarded $1,000 towards their next filmmaking adventure. In a separate category, actors will be competing for “The Shooting Star” award, which entails starring in as many short films as they can in 24 hours.

In its 3rd year now, teams have been made up of students, families and professionals. And last year, an incredible 54 teams turned in their videotapes by the deadline on Saturday night. Thirty volunteer judges watched the films to narrow the field to the top ten by Sunday afternoon. Sunday evening a gala screening event exhibited the top ten films (plus the best “under-18” category film) to a packed house at the historic Boulder Theater. Twelve entertainment industry professionals from Colorado watched the top ten films with the enthusiastic audience, and picked the top artists in their categories, including acting, writing, music and direction, and, of course, the best overall film.

The top films from previous years were shown at Boulder Adventure Film Festival, Toofy Film Festival, Boulder International Film Festival [BIFF], Moondance Film Festival, ManiaTV’s Too Short for Hollywood, CATV 55 Boulder, International Film Series at CU-Boulder, the Starz Film Center in Denver, and at The Colorado Music Festival.

The Shoot Out – the first ever ’24 Hour’ filmmaking festival – was held in Newcastle, Australia in 1999. By luring filmmakers to Newcastle with a cash prize of $2000 for the best film, The Shoot Out kicked off with 105 entries in its first year. This was an extraordinary result for a totally original and untried event. Since then, The Shoot Out has continued to grow exponentially.

The Shoot Out now takes place in five cities: Newcastle, Geelong, Toowoomba (Australia), Hamilton (New Zealand) and Boulder (Colorado, USA).

The Shoot Out Boulder’s mission is to break through artistic inertia and audience indifference by providing an exceptional creative venue for artistic expression through film.

The sponsors for The Shoot Out Boulder 2006 are The Boulder Arts Commission, Boulder County Arts Alliance, Boulder International Film Festival, KBCO, Daily Camera, The Boulder Convention and Visitor Bureau, Chimera Perfect Lighting, Sony, Audition for Hollywood, Boulder Digital Arts, Peak Media and Downtown Boulder, Inc., Film/Video Equipment Service Co, Breckenridge Brewery, Bacaro Ristorante, and CROCS.

Photographs of the 2006 event are by Dona Laurita