2005 – Second Annual

The award-winning short films for The Shoot Out Boulder 2005:

Winner Best Under 18 Film
Attack of the Radioactive Killer Mutant Prairie Dogs: A Study
Produced by J.J. Weiss, Directed by Eric Nichols.
Screenplay by Will Campos, Music by Mike McDonald.
Sound Design by Cameron Carpenter.

Eric Nichols with Michael Conti for Attack of the Radioactive Killer Mutant Prairie Dogs: A Study.

Winner Best Art Direction 
A Night of Transitions

Art Direction by J.M. Robinson, Produced by Aaron Norris.
Directed and written by Matt Campbell, Camera by Aarik Orndorff.
Music and Sound by Neil McCulloch.

Winner Best Music Score
The Emperor’s Daughter
Music by Carlos Sierra. Produced, Directed and Written by C. Troy Fluhr.
Art Direction and Camera by Brian Hirsch.
Also starring Madisen M. Beaty and C. Troy Fluhr.

Troy Fluhr, the director of The Emperor's Daugher along with his award-winning composer, Carlos Sierra.

Winner Best Sound Design
Produced by Éowyn Mishawn, Directed by Justin Spicer.
Written by Kristine Williams Boswell.
Starring Éowyn Mishawn, Kristine Williams Boswell, Justin Spicer.

Justin Spicer, the director of Heartsong, accepting its award.

Winner Best Actor
Winner Best Cinematography

Altered Dates
Camera and Directed by Michael Brown.
Starring Timmy O’Neil, Sally Berg, Elias Bachmann, Morning Glory Farr.
Produced by Dave D’Angelo. Written by Timmy O’Neill, Sound by Ryan Ross.

Michael Brown accepting the award for Best Cinematography and In-Camera Editing for Altered Dates.

Winner Best Film
The Blackout Adventure
Produced by Scott McElroy, Directed and Camera by Ken Amarit, Written by Jim Babb.
Art Direction by Glen Czaplewski.
Starring Scott McElroy, Glen Czaplewski, Jim Babb. Sound and Music by Scott McElroy

Winner Best Director
Winner Best Comedy
Winner Best Script
Tom’s Revenge
Produced, Directed by Brad Stabio. Written by Kirk Anderson and Jeff Kosloski,
Camera by Brook Aitken. Music by Michael O’Shea,
Starring Michael O’Shea, Jeff Kosloski. Kirk Anderson, Chris Gundy.

Shooting Star
Mechelle Lassiter, the actress who placed herself into the highest
number of films during the 24 hour Shoot Out period, was in 11 films.

Mechelle Lassiter, the actress who placed herself into the highest

Photographs of the 2005 event are by Dona Laurita, with additional photos by Julie Levy and Jon Machen. if you are interested in owning a print, please let us know.
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