5 Video Apps for Your Android Phone

Owning a smartphone means you happen to have a camera on you at all times. But how do you take your mobile videos from ho hum to oh wow? Fear not, there are apps for that! If you’ve got an Android phone, read on for our Android video app recommendations. (Psst, if you’re of the iPhone persuasion check out Vimeo’s lesson on iPhone apps).

Lapse It (Free or $1.99 for Pro)
Lapse It is one of the more popular Android apps for creating time lapses and stop motion videos. You can download the free version to test it out, but you’ll have to go Pro for 1080p resolution.

Videocam illusion (Free or $1.99 for Pro)
With Videocam illusion you can throw effects, filters, and masks on your videos in real-time as you record. Perfect for getting that old timey feel that’s all the rage these days. Springing for the PRO version will give you access to a whole wackload of extra effects like fisheye, ascii art, and lomo.

Paper Camera ($1.99)
Here’s another Android app that will let you record videos with added effects, but this time the effects are decidedly cartoon-like.

VidTrim (Free or $1.42 for Pro)
VidTrim is a popular app for trimming video clips from your phone. You can create new clips or overwrite existing clips once you’ve trimmed them down to size.

Vimeo (Free)
Last but not least, with our free app you can shoot, edit, and upload your videos right to Vimeo. It’s also easy to add transitions, effects, and music to your creation.

Thanks to Vimeo for providing these useful details.

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  1. Thanks to Vimeo from my side as well for bringing these useful details out here. I've an iPhone 4S and I'm quite familiar with some of these great apps. I'm using currently Vimeo and Lapse to make good video and audio clips.

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